• You are required to pitch us before submitting your work.

  • Browse our site before making your pitch - try not to address a topic that we have already reported on. If you are passionate about a topic that has already been covered, try to approach it from a different angle.

  • Be creative! We welcome infographics, cartoons and illustrations, satires, and other creative pieces, as well as reports. 

  • Your pitch should be between 200 and 250 words. It should clearly state the topic of your piece and the intended format. Do not forget to include links to sources.  

  • We will read your pitch and reply within a week. If your pitch is accepted, we will assign you an editor and email you with a more detailed submission and style guide.

  • Events and interviews: If you would like to attend and review an event on behalf of Protocol, please contact our executive team in advance so that we may obtain a press pass for you (if necessary) and ensure your attendance. You must also inform us beforehand if you would like to conduct an interview on our behalf. We kindly ask that you do not claim to represent Protocol without first gaining the approval of the executive team


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