Protocol Perspectives: Waging Water Wars

March 18, 2018

Politics, corporate interests, and climate change are intersecting within the changing demographics of an increasingly globalised world. Drought is beginning to pervade our world in unimaginable ways. How do these issues affect access to potable water worldwide? This discussion will delve into the implications for human rights, with focus on a Bolivian case study and the current Cape Town water crisis. 




Original air date: March 16, 2018 at 10am on St Andrews Radio

Hosts: Elizabeth Barnes, Stella Milinich, and Peder Sverdrup

Researchers: Keith Minami, Elizabeth Barnes, Stella Milinich, and Peder Sverdrup




The Human Right to Water and Sanitation, media brief from the United Nations

A/RES/64/92: The Human Right to Water and Sanitation, United Nations General Assembly Resolution

Water war in Bolivia, Report from the Economist

Timeline: Cochabamba Water Revolt, from PBS

Leasing the Rain, Report by William Finnegan for the New Yorker

South Africa's Cape Town faces severe economic troubles over drought: Moody's, Report by Reuters

Why Cape Town is Running Out of Water, and Who's Next, report by Craig Welsh for National Geographic

Cape Town is Bracing for "Day Zero", report by Zeeshan Aleem for Vox


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