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Egypt: A Hidden Uprising

"In pursuit of stunting the organization of uprisings, more than 2,000 Egyptians have been arrested in the last two weeks, preventing protest leaders and organizers from continuing to lead. A number of those jailed are still waiting to be released"

Photo by Getty Images via the New York Times


28 Nov 2017

As informed individuals, we like to think that we are aware of the trials and tribulations faced by refugees. We have seen the various headlines surrounding the currents events in Syria, Yemen, and ot...

30 Sep 2017

It is widely acknowledged that names are important. Identities are built around them, and they are instrumental in creating a sense of dignity and autonomy. They often embody the independence of that...

15 Apr 2017

We express ourselves in a plethora of ways every day. We express ourselves in the way we dress, the societies we join, the friends we make, and even the supermarkets that we chose to shop in. This abi...

28 Feb 2017

Have you ever tried to go a whole night aware of the fact that you do not have access to a toilet until a certain time? It is not a comfortable situation to be in. Even the mere thought that you might...

17 Nov 2016

With news being broadcast 24 hours a day, and the ability to access the news from any location via mobile phones, we have the capacity to be better informed than we have ever been. However, there is a...

26 Oct 2016

It is estimated by UNICEF that there are over 700 million women alive today who were married as children. To put this in perspective, that is roughly ten times the population of the United Kingdom, or...

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