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Egypt: A Hidden Uprising

"In pursuit of stunting the organization of uprisings, more than 2,000 Egyptians have been arrested in the last two weeks, preventing protest leaders and organizers from continuing to lead. A number of those jailed are still waiting to be released"

Photo by Getty Images via the New York Times


25 Feb 2018

Gerrymandering, as explained by the Washington Post, refers to ‘the drawing of political boundaries in a way that gives your party a numeric advantage over an opposing party’. This long-sustained tact...

14 Feb 2018

The Chinese government has a longstanding history of suppressing dissident activity, as seen through surveillance, censorship, and  other means. Subsequently, these efforts extend to those aiming to e...

The stigma against mental health issues and treatment is, unfortunately, one without temporal or geographical boundaries. Though progress has been made through various campaigns and programs, in many...

24 Apr 2017

Since the Taliban seized control of Pakistan’s Swat Valley in 2007, they, and other militant groups in the area, have systematically campaigned against the region’s educational institutions, particula...

Domestic violence is a taboo subject, one which, as of late, has been at the forefront of the Russian parliament’s political agenda. Though amendments that criminalized the beating of one’s family mem...

31 Oct 2016

The marginalisation of Indigenous American peoples has been practically commonplace in society since Columbus’ ‘discovery’ of America in 1492. In today’s America, where political correctness supposedl...

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