Every day, disturbing events that violate basic human rights take place around the world. Unfortunately, many go unnoticed due to political, racial, or ideological bias. Our aim at Protocol Magazine is to spread the word about these horrors and encourage people to not only become aware of these violations against each individual’s freedom as a human being, but also to take action, being in a more fortunate position than most.


We are a diverse team reporting from an international university, but we do not have any political affiliation, nor do we encourage a specific ideology. Our aim is to present the news in a factual way, studying human rights from new perspectives and how each modern-day occurrence has implications for individual liberties. We hope to encourage intellectual and thoughtful discussions on the topics we raise through our articles, radio broadcasts and photography.


This year, Protocol is introducing articles in languages other than English, in order to reach a wider audience. We have made it our goal to diversify by including a translation alongside the majority of our articles, as we believe that human rights should not be limited to one language or culture. We encourage you, our readers, to contact us, either by sending us an e-mail, or even submitting an article to express your own perspective on a particular topic. Let your voice be heard. Let us make a difference in this unjust world.


Julia, Isabelle, and Peder

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions, you can contact us using this form or email us directly at protocol@st-andrews.ac.uk

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Managing Editor

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