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Applications are now closed and will be reopened again at the start of the next semester. If you would not like to become a staff writer, but have an issue you would like to cover, you can pitch your idea to us using the form on this page and submit an article without becoming a permanent member of the team.

If you have any queries, contact us: You can also reach us on our Facebook page: Protocol Magazine.


Editors form an integral part of the Protocol team. As an editor, you will copy-edit articles for a group of 3-4 content writers. You will be working to ensure the content we publish on our website is of high quality, by checking articles for clarity and verifying facts and sources. You should have an analytical and grammatically-skilled mind that is able to easily spot minor and major errors in the written word. 

Staff Writers

Staff writers are expected to have strong research, writing, and analytical skills. You should also be well-organised and capable of meeting strict deadlines. This year, we are also looking for writers fluent in other languages, as well as English, to join our team. As a staff writer, you will submit three articles per semester to be published on our website. Articles are between 800 and 1200 words and can be on any topic relating to human rights, whether it be past or present (or the potential future). Interested in the persecution of Jews in thirteenth century France? Write about it. Fascinated by the potential implications of advancing technology on local populations? Write about it! 


This year, we are introducing a new role to Protocol: translators. If you speak and write more than one language fluently, you should join our team to make our content accessible to a wider audience. You will be translating 1 - 2 articles a month, working closely with each writer. If you would like to submit an article in another language, you can also do so. You should have both an imaginative and an analytical mind. 

Web Designer

We are looking for a web designer who will work closely with the executive team to make our articles available for everyone online. You should have be creative and be willing to have a flexible schedule. Previous experience in this area is desirable.

Publicity Representatives

Publicity representatives should be eager and creative students, with a passion for what our Magazine stands for and a willingness to  to contribute their ideas and enthusiasm. Your responsibilities would include, but are not limited to, attending regular meetings, planning events that foster students’ interest in human rights issues, and coming up with new and innovative ways to broaden our scope within the University. As part of the this team, you will play an integral role in the magazine’s development and success.

Illustrators & Graphic Designers

Illustrators and graphic designers will contribute to content production by creating political cartoons and satires, infographics, and original pictures to accompany articles. You will also work with the marketing team to develop promotional material. As part of the creative team, you will be expected to pitch your own ideas and to occasionally design assigned pieces. Experience with Photoshop and other graphic design software is desirable. An artistic mind and the ability to meet deadlines are expected. 

Radio Hosts

Protocol's new radio special, Perspectives, airs on STAR two-three times per semester. Radio hosts are responsible for producing these specials, from researching topics, to inviting interviewees, to speaking on air. No experience required! You just have to be comfortable with public speaking.


Protocol is looking for a new staff photographer. You will have to provide your own professional camera and be able to attend events that we review. If you have a passion for human rights and photography, do not hesitate to apply for this role. 

Sponsorship Representative

We are looking for a sponsorship rep who would be responsible for contacting businesses and soliciting advertisements. You would work alongside the treasurer and the publicity team. You should have a passion for human rights and good communication skills.


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